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A synthesis essay refers to a written discussion through the consolidation of information from multiple sources and utilizing it as content in presenting a strong position on a topic. The writing of a synthesis essay calls for the utilization of a variety of sources of information such as journals, books, magazines, the internet, and newspapers. It also necessitates conducting extensive research on the particular topic. To come up with a well-written and impressive synthesis essay, a writer should observe six simple tips.

One, decide on a suitable synthesis topic. A critical thesis topic is one that facilitates debate and analysis of various materials. Various social issues make excellent synthesis essay topics. For instance, ‘does the death penalty deter crime?’ Two, the writer should read various sources. Unlike other types of essays, a synthesis essay requires the utilization of numerous materials. An individual should thoroughly read multiple sources regarding one’s topic and start making connections of the topic in one’s head and have an understanding of it.

Three, take a position on the topic. Once a writer goes through the different sources, one should be in a position to decide the position one is going to take. A writer should ensure that they can efficiently conduct and support their argument towards this position. For example, ‘the death penalty does not deter crime.’ Also, once a writer takes a view, they should stick to it all through the essay, to ensure the essay becomes strong.

Four, a writer should compose a remarkable thesis. The thesis should express the position and focus of the essay. Five, after outlining the position of the argument, a writer should figure out how to organize and support one’s argument. In this regard, an outline would be helpful by helping one organize their thoughts on the essay in a systematic manner.

Six, one should utilize the sources intelligently. When using sources to support a thesis, analyze and use them in each paragraph to defend one’s argument. Finally, collect all the information gotten from the other steps and compose them into a comprehensive and comprehensible essay, expressing one’s ideas.

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